Gateway International High School

Student Council

The Student Council at GIHS gives students a platform to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns.

  • The council works with our school administration and faculty to organize social events, community projects, and initiatives
  • Our council members are elected democratically, and roles are assigned based on merit and suitability
  • The council ensures students’ needs are met and creates a positive school experience
  • By participating in the Student Council, students learn essential leadership skills, teamwork, and social responsibility
  • We teach council members to be responsible leaders, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively

We created the council because it prepares students for future leadership roles in society and serves as an extension of their formal education.

House System

Students in the school are divided into four subunits called “Houses” and each student is allocated to one house.

GIHS Houses

  1. Coral (Blue)
  2. Emerald (Green Colour)
  3. Ruby (Red)
  4. Sapphire (Yellow)

The house system promotes team spirit, a sense of belonging, and group loyalty among the students. Houses compete with one another in intra-school sports events, competitions, and many other activities. Also, this encourages a sense of responsibility in the senior students of the school to provide care, guidance, and direction to their junior schoolmates.