Gateway International High School

E-DAC Curriculum

Designed to meet classroom or home school learning needs with a Technology-based integrated learning platform aligned with NEP 2020. Math, Science, and Social Studies, the core subjects link concepts to real-world problems and problem-solving opportunities guiding students to learn, use the knowledge, and resources, and identify their interest in a particular field of study which will facilitate their success in the classroom and later in their careers.

AI & Robotics

Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics Engineering, etc, are popular career choices, hence real-time exposure and experience in the early learning years to Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Machine Learning will augment the clarity of concepts and thought processes. The curriculum is aligned with CBSE Skill Subjects and NEP 2020. The competent faculty at GIHS will assist the students in the best possible way.

English Language Lab

English Language competency provides a cutting-edge advantage in work life as it is necessary for global communication and expression.  Journal writing, essay writing, debating, elocution, story writing and telling, reading, dramatics, etc, are skill sets that will be honed by the GIHS faculty as well as visiting experts in the field. Exposure to careers in English Literature, Arts, and Humanities will be integral to the lab.

IIT JEE and NEET Foundation Courses

Demand for traditional careers like Engineering and Medicine persists. Preparation in middle and high school years helps students strengthen their knowledge base and become confident to crack the competitive entrance exams. Exposure to careers in Allied Health Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Pure Sciences will be provided with the help of professionals in the respective specialized areas.

Project-Based Learning and School Clubs

PBL and School Clubs focus on the holistic growth of the student and incorporate Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity, Character, and Citizenship by dynamically engaging students in real-world and meaningful projects which also aids classroom learning with its exposure to real-world application. Students develop self-directed learning skills.

Gateway Sports Academy

Sports facilitate acquiring of life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, patience, resilience, and self-confidence and prepare them to face life challenges. Students get a chance to work on their physical and mental abilities to achieve goals in their life. Outdoor and Indoor Sports facilities at GIHS are popular spots for students. Coaching is available for Basketball, Cricket, Skating, Tennis, and Volleyball.


Olympiads improve conceptual understanding and enable students to manage complex concepts. Students compete with other students on a similar education level and academic disciplines like Mathematics, Science, Computer Technology, or the English Language, thus helping students analyses their strengths and weaknesses based on their performance in the nationwide or international level examination and motivating them towards academic improvement.


Abundant Beads, Addition, and Calculation Utility System (ABACUS) is a counting frame used as a calculating tool to perform mathematical functions. It is considered to be an effective tool for learning mental math techniques to solve simple to complex arithmetic calculations.

Music and Dance Academy

To encourage talent in Music and Dance, students can take up Instrumental Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Classical dance forms, and Freestyle Dance.

Guidance and CounsellingProgramme

The Guidance and Counselling Programme at GIHS will primarily address the guidance needs of all students by facilitating and assisting them in developing and applying their best self-skill sets for maximum academic, personal, emotional, and social growth during school years and beyond. Career Awareness and Guidance will be an integral component of this programme.